The Technological Landscape of LinkedIn

LinkedIn, like many sites that we use today started out as a single monolithic application that “did it all.” This means that its technology application was fairly singular, and processed information all in one place. This application was called Leo. Leo  hosted web servlets for all the various pages, handled business logic, and connected to a  handful of linkedIn databases.

From there, the technology moved forward into This is a data model centric architecture. Service blocks were used in this technology that allowed specific teams optimize the block, while keeping the technology call graph in check for each client. This produced technology that has a strong focus on testing, as well as index and searching. This technology  is what makes LinkedIn such a user friendly site to connect on.

As with many websites, LinkedIn utilizes The Cloud, and backend servers for catching the entire  network.  Multi-data centres are continuing to be opened around the world and our “data is being collected at an unprecedented scale” (Jagadish et al, 2014). The technological algorithms and user data drive innovation within the company giving LinkedIn its competitive edge through collection of our data. LinkedIn now becomes a mediator as it shapes the performance of social acts through its technological ability to connect people through specific means using this information. By quantifying and measuring our social information as data LinkedIn is able to collect our information with technology that is then used to make their technology even better.


“big data is revolutionizing all aspects of our lives ranging from enterprises to consumers, from science to government”


JAGADISH, H., GEHRKE, J., LABRINIDIS, A., PAPAKONSTANTINOU, Y., PATEL, J. M., RAMAKRISHNAN, R., & SHAHABI, C. (2014). Big Data and Its Technical Challenges. Communications Of The ACM, 57(7), 86-94. doi:10.1145/2611567

LUNDEN, I. (2015) LinkedIn Revamps Its Jobs Listings With Big Data Analytics. Tech Crunch.


-Jasmine Moore


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