Technology: Enabling Communities

Technology software and services, like that used on LinkedIn, are turning social activities into computational architectures. These architectures are both figuratively and literally coding people into communities. The technological metadata used by Linked it contains structured information that is able to turn the data into describable locate information.

Technology enables us to see how LinkedIn’s way of coding connections is meant to steer user behaviour and preferences. The relationship between online groups and communities in enabled by technological practises that group certain data behaviours and information together to collect information. The technology of LinkedIn enables us to communicate over vast spaces, and create communities with people we might not have had the chance to when geography limited our connections.

Language is the main way digitally mediated groups cohere and the technological structure of linkedIn allows people to connect through similar interests, and speech communities. By enabling shared identities among its active users, LinkedIn is creating a new sense of community that enabled by a digital world.

Baym, Nancy. Personal Connections in the Digital Age. Communities and Networks.    (81-110) Cambridge: Policy Press, 2015. Print.


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