Linkedin’s Users and Usage – Carmen Chizanga

Linked in brands itself as a domain which allows you to connect, find, and be found in order to build professional identities, and create new ventures through several platforms. There are several interactive aspects within Linked in which users can access from their personal profile, connects, education, jobs etc. Popular subjects for networking are the Groups, Pulse and Slideshare which allow users to utilize subjects of interest such as technology, space (etc) in order to form communities, share ideas, and network.

It is estimated that as of 2015 Linked in has 400 millions users averaging at 2 new users per a second. Linked in has heavily mobilized themselves with 50% of these users on the mobile app, 40% of these mobile users use the app to apply to the job averaging a total of 1.45 million views daily. It has been researched by PEW Research Center that a quarter of online adults use LinkedIn, a proportion that is unchanged from the 28% of online adults who did so in September 2014, the average of the Linkedin User is estimated at 44 years old but with recent policy changes we see this criteria changing.

Policy adjustments occurred on Linkedin adjusted it’s policy in September 2013 as well as October 2014, essentially giving it’s users full ownership to their account by terminating Linkedins permenant rights to user accounts even once a profile has been deleted. Most importantly the age was put to a minimum of 13 years old in some countries, with 30 million students currently accessing the site over the age of 30 prior this change only benefited the organization (Warman).


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