LinkedIn’s Marketing/Talent Solutions & Premium Subscriptions- Kara J.

As previously mentioned, LinkedIn generates it’s revenue from their marketing solutions, talent solutions and premium subscriptions. LinkedIn allows advertisers to utilize information from user’s profiles to better target their advertisements (Johnston 2013). LinkedIn offers four different types of advertisements (LinkedIn Business 2015). Sponsored updates target the LinkedIn users, following them to other websites (LinkedIn 2015). Displayed advertisements appear directly within the user’s newsfeed, sponsored mail, and text or pay-per-click advertisements (LinkedIn Business 2015). Social or professional networks such as LinkedIn provide benefits to corporations, allowing them to better target the audience, decrease marketing and distribution costs and extends the circulation of media content (Vulkanovic 2011).

LinkedIn has two talent solution packages, Recruiter Lite and Recruiter Corporate (Johnston 2013). Both Recruiter packages allow corporations to seek out potential job candidates (LinkedIn Business2015). These packages allow the company access to features such as advanced search filters, the capability to reach out to candidates through LinkedIn’s InMail messaging, also allowing corporations to advertise their opened positions on LinkedIn’s job board (LinkedIn Business 2015). The main difference between the two Recruiter packages is, Recruiter Corporate allows the company’s recruitment team to collaborate and share their favored job candidates with one another (LinkedIn Business 2015).

LinkedIn offers three premium subscriptions, Business, Business Plus and Executive (Johnston 2013). All three of the premium subscriptions allow the user more access to search other user’s profiles (Johnston 2013). The most significant difference between the three subscriptions is that the Executive package allows the user more search filters, an increased number of InMail messages per month and an increased number of profiles offered per search (Johnston 2013). A professional media platform, such as LinkedIn promotes a “participatory culture” in which the user is able to determine what content is created and circulated (Vukanovic 2011).


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