Analyzing LinkedIn Content – Sydney

The content an individual posts on their LinkedIn profile is extremely important for their image and persona of themselves. Since LinkedIn is a professional network the content people post is essential. It is important to be honest and true as to what you are posting about yourself. Lauri Huotari explains that, “creating a dialogue through interactivity is an important feature of the Internet” (p. 762, 2015). The more dialogue (content) an individual posts on their LinkedIn, the more apt they are to connect with future employers, employees and other people in their network.  As mentioned in a previous post, the more content you have the higher rating your profile will have. This can be beneficial as you are able to receive incentives like viewing profiles privately as well as sending more InMail messages.

Lauri Huotari claims, “Interactivity can be defined as the synchronous exchange of information or the way two or more organisms relate to each other. Interactivity between people may be direct or occur through a medium. Thus, we argue that interactions between users of social media contribute to content creation” (p. 762, 2015).  The people you interact with people in your network the better experience you will have on LinkedIn. The purpose of LinkedIn is to network and building relationships with people through professional social media platform. Your profile is a living, real-time résumé that should be updated on a regular basis to reflect the current reality (The Globe and Mail, 2015). Ultimately, the content posted on LinkedIn is essential in building relationships and maintaining a professional image.

Huotari, L., Ulkuniemi, P., Saraniemi, S., & Mäläskä, M. (2015). Analysis of content creation in social media by B2B companies. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing30(6).

Five ways to stop embarrassing yourself on LinkedIn. (2015). Retrieved December 9, 2015, from


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