A Little bit about the Content on LinkedIn – Sydney

When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do. In terms of your own profile, you are able to post about your past and current work experience, education experience, volunteer experience as well as any other certifications, awards and skills you may have. You are able to share a summary about yourself as well as post and share about many other aspects of your past and present experiences.

Immediately when creating a profile, you are required to classify what field of work you are in. Whether it marketing and advertising or construction, this is something that an important part of building your profile. This is also important in terms of making connections and networking with future or potential employers/employees. When viewing someone’s profile the first thing you see is their photo, their current occupation as well as their past occupation, their location, their interest of industry and the number of connections they have.

The content is what makes your profile strong. The more content you have the more apt you are to network and connect with people in your desired your industry. The more you build your profile the higher profile score you will have. For instance, the highest score one can receive is the “All Star” status. The other levels are expert, advanced, intermediate and beginner. To get the All Star status one must add a profile photo, list 2 or more positions you have had, have more than 5 skills on your profile, write a summary about yourself, fill out your industry, add where you went to school and have 50 or more connections.



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